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         Foshan Ming Mu Fang Ceramic Co.,Ltd. is located in city of Guangdong China ceramic industry in Foshan, is a production, marketing and research of specialized wood brick enterprises do original edges. After years of development, the current wooden square wood brick has been extended to hundreds of styles and a variety of specifications, in the industry gradually laid the status of well-known brands in the industry of the Ming wood workshop.
          in order to make the product more natural and realistic, production, R & D, design field over the years has been to the wood blocks of its own experts to carry out in-depth cooperation, and spent heavily on the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, using 5D inkjet technology and imported oil, 360 degree protection brick surface texture, each product through hundreds of times the deployment, restore the true height of wood texture and color, so long as the new product.

Wood Brick



Advanced 5D Digital Inkjet Technology
Advanced 5D Digital Inkjet Technology

The latest digital inkjet technology, imported Spanish glaze, printed pieces of different wood blocks, you can create well-proportioned wood space, visual effect is perfect!


MicroDie Technology
MicroDie Technology

The convex mold glaze brick surface layer matte series, let brick have wood like soft effect, but have a tile wood texture, true wood every detail, wood realistic effect, can reflect more than log wood floor texture.


Special Protection
Special Protection & Imitation Precious Log

Imitation glaze technology, the equivalent of wood varnish, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and easy to take care of. Product design and color collection of the original forest of Brick..


Moisture proof and anti fouling
Moisture proof and anti fouling

After high temperature firing, molecular completely closed, the brick surface hardness and wear resistance, and wooden floors than uniform texture, dense, stable and safe.

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Ming Mu Fang Wood Brick

Ming Mu Fang Wood Brick

Wood Brick are the Ming Mu Fang Ceramics engraved with specimen, which extracting the color tone, texture from Phoebe, Rosewood or the other precious wood in the world with the digital technology, combined with the HD ink-jet printing, digit...



Could your company offer OEM service to customers?

The answer is it depends on which kind of products the customer wants for OEM Service. For different kinds of our products, we have different ways: a. Porcelain Polished Tile 1). Soluble Salt Tile: We can offer OEM for any soluble salt til...


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